The Iron Maiden's Private Women's Club Association

REAF4L – Charity Endowment Fund

Mentor / Protege Program REAF4L accepting interested security angel investors for brief to initial development stage in R&D IT network & securites.  Input is welcome. Rational Education Artist Federation 4 Leadership thanks SCORE of Austin for sound support & momentary guidance is appreciated.

Iron maiden

Rational Education Artist Federation 4 Leadership

Artist Advocate in patent entitlement, an affiliate source to Art In Public Places Programs with service objectives anywhere on the globe.

Email Headquarters:  

Mail letter with your question to Crazyhorse column of The Iron Maiden’s:     Dear Crazyhorse: PO Box 310851; New Braunfels, TX 78131

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REAF4L Logo proof in final R&D stage prior to official birth launch of Endowment 2016.  Interested in asking a question or posting foundry issues for others to reflect for future comradery?  (PREVIEW future logo/TM.) 

Visit LinkedIn to become better acquainted with Entrepreneur & founder Natalie Guzik 

Interested in becoming a member of The Iron Maiden’s or are you interested in making a $25, $50, $75, $100 or more kind contribution to future REAF4L?

Email: with preferred contact details and note: Memberships: PayPal.Me/Gnatspace







The Iron Maidens Birth Announcement

– Join only Ferrous & Nonferrous Alloy Foundry table in Metallurgy Artworks Private Club Association & forum to life’s advancements.

This page is intended as Birth Announcement of an open forum for a Private Women’s Foundry Club Association founded in March 2016.

We are called The Iron Maiden’s.  The Iron Maiden’s has no clear fear, any influence or bias, ties and a no holds barred perspective while on somewhat censored network for positive genuflection of review prior to release on the live internet. Get a rope.  

Do you have things on your mind?  Any working in the Foundry Arts or with ferrous or nonferrous alloys are welcome to lead beside metallurgist members of The Iron Maiden’s Private Club Association for Women. The Iron Maiden’s blog called Crazyhorse first edition steers forward for a definitive target to examine or study a seriously clarified sect who share tactfully to learn & absorb as much as one will humanly allow possible & able.  

Exploit your Self here as freely as you wish for any benefit of the free or for another home for of a brave.  I hope to acknowledge a culture of individual women, who can do this with blinders on, drive a neck for engines of society, that few recognize.  Is there a subculture rising yet to the surface?  There are Crazyhorse readers and there are not, there is Crazyhorse.  This Private Women’s Club welcomes many Industrial women for hope will add compliments to each day at large.

Know here, as I declare to pronounce and state in unique words, that although not all can be said, or shall be said by a complete census basically as we hope to hear, in a civil manner & serving all undeniable decently, The Iron Maiden’s table serves us alone. An initial edition has overall chapters networking means & methodology, intention & obligation for an Oath Of Office with aims forth to share at times, an internal dialogue of silence, speaking without & in common with others to an absence of words.  Peace.

The Iron Maiden’s sustain what is emblematic & are shield or symbol of Blind Justice.

The Iron Maiden’s evoke various levels of temperaments, to recall such Lady Justice who are of time & bear unspoken diplomacy for no need to spite, then emotional words. Given respect, a brief of space as a must, allow a MIND THE GAP forthwith & be this a given to those many clearly apparent. We must be able to be civil to one another here & towards our own empowerment.  High hopes for Crazyhorse to proclaim voice only by presence of this blog.  Amongst one Rat Race to reckon (within) there are brave & some courageous ladies who exist hard at work, with issues that require attention. Write in.

Crazyhorse is here to acknowledge by Today’s date, 11 March in the Year of our Lord 2016, a birth announcement of a blog site unseen before now today.  This is for resolve. Absence makes hearts grow fonder.  Silence equals death, a remark of its own through time.  Lady Justice represents an icon to a unique population of many positively minded geared forward in the write direction.  

Basic Rule #1

There will be many Hot Topics to discuss.  Be candid, discrete or civil to one another.




Let Nature’s Light Shine

Rational Education Artist Federation 4 Leadership

A Charity Endowment Fund, affiliate source for all Virtual Art In Public Places Programs

REAF4L supports Artist Advocacy in patent entitlement that strives to successfully welcome others to safely and consistently conduct On-site installation contracts with rotating Visiting Artist Therapy Program Open Door, Annual Call for Entries, Works On Paper exhibits, with focus on Preservationism ideals & the mentality that accompanies. National Trust for Historic Preservation sustains the past of another by saving places.

Natalie Guzik, Entrepreneur to recent REAF4L founder, sole inventor of the “Green Ring”, sustains an environmental breakthrough device that implements multiple provisional patents & an undisclosed technology that launches in the realm of R&D IT.

An artist creative spark is living proof of the creator within.  Affirmation is necessary for encouragement to these fine individuals.  Otherwise, Fine Art would not exist.


::The Mission of The Iron Maidens::

Thru manipulation of the concrete, the mental can manifest its Self. Thru untainted minds one can define a dream. Thru thorough Self expression one communicates.  The elements of dis-ease chaos & reform are multiplied by the theory of result.  To breathe art daily, our vessels live to encapsulate.  As sure as Crest toothpaste, we preserve moments as heirlooms.  Where a frontier of originals can survive, life inasmuch as love can exists only in a vacuum. While inspiration harbors force in the absence of malaise.

Everyone has left & right brain tendencies, as an artist in what Humane Society? Are we flipping between each tendency or within what we call a Rat Race? I think there is a demand for people to acknowledge how everyone has a piece of The Holy Spirit within us all.  Each of us is holy & there are elements not fit for our comprehension, nor always necessary to understand & this holy spirit is a part of our indestructable souls.

However abstract a form of expression or creation is, the evidence of this dispenses a reflection of many dialogues.  In essence, I support a crisp frosty new vision of a women’s league & federation for members, alumni, investors & patent entitled artists. I advocate to leave the world a better place by serving others, giving many children a legacy of love not war memories.  I wish to engage in the beauty of my passion for creative writing. While in all my life, ever since I was at my first spelling bee, I thought it’s not important who I am.  What is critical is what I believe for my actions could poorly affect another & out of any creation there is some form of destruction and out of destruction there exists some form of creation.  I learned this by age six. Eventually, out of a life of thorns, roses will follow.  In the event times change, this blog site may be dismantled which maybe even archived beyond a fog where man bites dog.



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