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Nike of Somethrace

The Louvre, Paris

 “Nike of Somethrace”

 ((( by an unknown artist )))


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 New Braunfels, TX


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United Pathos Productions


United Pathos Photography

presents. . .

a future founding of an. . .



Installation Contractor, Collector

*&* Slide Registry Curator

Collaboration – Installation in Lake Austin @ Laguna Gloria Art Museum sculpture garden Terra Incognita exhibit: 8[93

“Parallel,” a collaboration

Steel & Wood, aquatic installationapprox. 7x 7′ x 18′ at sea level

Digital, unaltered, b&w photo

Natalie Guzik, BFA

Sculptor & Photographer

Our goal: To work with New Braunfels, TX city theories, codes & compliance while providing through various efforts, with a sincere intention to preserve art history & an overall code of compliance in commitment to the adherence to a worthwhile message of pathos or empathy at the pinnacle of approach with shared efforts in child advocacy. 

Our Mission Statement~ Found objects, which through thoughtful development & application, distill the art of historical preservation by speaking without words. I value Art History & it’s preservation of thought & dedicate my work to those  who work in tribute to being “centered” in time. As time & space are equal in every nuance of life, I strive to bring individuals together through  a creative impulse & create lasting memories to appreciate in times to come.

New Braunfels, TX Art In Public Places (A.I.P.P.) Program initiative support efforts of a future evolving with United Pathos Productions, supporting child advocacy.


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