The Iron Maiden's Private Women's Club Association

Worx In Progress


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GOAL & ADVENTURE No.#1: I am focused to publish a book entitled, Everyone Needs A Little…T.L.C. (Taken From The Dying Words Of Mother Goose), which includes poetry, prose & short stories including one of my faves, a creative impulse writing entitled, The Rabbit In The Moon. I completed typing the book with pictures as well as obtained a copyright. I am just awaiting publication. Find me on and for examples of my work, which includes a draft of my book, poetry & even my stories, a portfolio. My door remains open for serious inquiries only & interest in a collaborative effort in creative writing(s). Motif where the sacred meets the profane along the concept of what makes a house a home.  Consider life before Crest toothpaste. What does Mircea Eliade truly mean at the very core of his book, The Sacred and the Profane?  Does Rudolf Otto meet his match in his book, The Idea of the Holy?

GOAL & ADVENTURE No.#2: I hope to accrue the time & hospitable donations necessary to form a small scaled design, a rendition composed of aquatic elements & limestone at my mother’s home. The next ultimate & future installation remains for . . .

GOAL & ADVENTURE No.#3: Collaboration as concept: Saints Peter & Paul donation. (A work in progress)  Destination of proposed primary materials: aquatic & limestone installation, destination: Mission of Divine Mercy in Canyon Lake, TX.  I feel that the maque or scaled model & design speaks multitudes of divine inspiration & I hope to honor the 1st American woman POW,  Mrs. Jessica Lynch, includes the US Army as parallel in a strong common moral code, which is metaphorically discovered in a solid foundation of my conceptual design or methodology of piece.

XL Memory Capsule

XL Memory Capsule (permanent loan)

Kinetic sculpture

Permanent Kinetic Installation

by Natalie Guzik

Driftwood & Steel Installation, 05[93


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