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Moral Compass


United Pathos Media Show

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Artisan Statement


Natalie Guzik

presents…mixed media Memory Capsules

Self-portrait painting

Thoughts Of Spetsapoula 09[1995

Self-portrait painting

Live, Love & Laugh 09[1995



~ N. Guzik, a proud member of  The Iron Maiden’s Foundry Private Women’s Club Association

My work is a direct expression of my interests in human nature & of a hallowed commitment to remain in service to my extended family . . .

The Human Race.



Self-portrait painting

Technological 09[1995



 Memory Capsules

Sealed & Timeless Heirlooms, hand-crafted through unique formulation.

Preserve Moments in Time & Space

 where heirlooms and a frontier of originals survive.

Thoughts about time, space & creativity.

These three organize themselves and act as a compass for the source of inspiration is likely the absence of malice.  For there exists life in deep space, in as much as love may exist only in a vacuum.  Then these inspirations remain harboring forces in the absence(s) of any malaise. Through manipulation of the concrete, the mental can manifest its Self.  Through an untainted mind one can define a dream.  Through thorough self-expression one communicates.  My pursuit of self-expression depends upon the qualities found in my immediate stage.  Interests stretch along initimate sized to large scaled works with human interaction combined with orchestrated arenas in movement & intrigue.  Life inasmuch as love exists only in a vacuum.  While inspiration harbors force in the absence of malaise.

The elements of dis-ease, chaos & reform are multiplied by the theory of result. 


Memory Capsule

Memory Capsule: Ode de Papi 09[2009


Memory Capsule





Natalie Guzik

Oath of Office


Nominated by Congressman Lamar Smith  I, Natalie M. Guzik, do solemnly swear to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. I will willfully and faithfully discharge and execute the office upon which I am about to enter and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States so help me God.

     Kinetic sculpture

Permanent Installation


     I find value in found objects, which through thoughtful development & application, distills the art of historical preservation by speaking without words. I value the preservation of art, art history &  it’s preservation of thought.  I enjoy creating self-contained worlds that evoke the passage & preservation of time. I find depth in conceptual pieces where stories remains to be told & a certain individual’s persona or psyche is under study.

     My focus remains on doing the next right thing, bringing others together through various displays of the Fine Arts, while preserving moments in time and space. I strive to maintain a balance in free spirit & academia. I find the patents & words of Nikola Tesla to be most inspirational for those in love for the ideal, the Fine Arts, Technologies, Sciences, as well as those passionate about our planet, Earth & confidence beyond the Milky Way.

     I am a child advocate who feels firmly that a belief in a Higher Power & or an attachment to a certain family unit sustains a fundamental key to success in life. I do believe firmly that confidence & consistency are key. Critical to education & with clear dedication an inequitable equation for what makes life on Earth worth living with true success.

Digital photography

Digital photography by Mr. Bob McCarty 04[1992

Expressionism = Impressionism


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